SYMBIOTIC (OCT 11-28, 2016)

Symbiotic collaboration with Bella Blaze.

Our installation of our “game-process” will be on exhibition from Oct 10-28, at the Lightwell Gallery on OU Campus.

UTOPIA (NOV 5 – DEC 23, 2016)

The concept of utopia, a society free of poverty and suffering, has been around for centuries. However, the concept of utopia can shift and change based upon the person imagining such a place. What is your version of utopia? Can such a place exist? Can we have utopia without dystopia?

UTOPIA is a submission-based curated group exhibition. It was open to all media and disciplines, including but not limited to: 2D, 3D, installation, performance, dance, music, theater, written word, and/or spoken word. Curators are Kelsey Karper and romy owens.

Gloryah Allen – Charlottesville, VA
Iman Alsaden – – Chicago, IL
Becky Arman – – Edmond, OK
Kerry Azzarello* – Oklahoma City
Pete Burkeet – – Columbus, OH
Jason Cytacki* – – Norman, OK
Daniel Dean – – Minneapolis, MN
Rena Detrixhe* – – Tulsa, OK
Sarah Engel – – Norman, OK
J.V. Green – – Tulsa, OK
Alexis Hazel – Marlow, OK
Mary Ketch – – Norman, OK
Hye Young Kim – – Greensboro, NC
Mandy Messina – – Oklahoma City
Mark Pease – – Carbondale, IL
Christian Schultz – Oklahoma City
Heath Schultz* – – Austin, TX
Ramiro Silva – Chicago, IL
Cheryl Smith – – Philadelphia, PA
Tony Thunder – Oklahoma City
Jarica Walsh – – Oklahoma City
Jason Wilson – – Hartshorne, OK

*Artists have been awarded a $250 honorarium for proposal based installation, performance, or other ephemeral artwork created specifically for UTOPIA.

SYMBIOTIC (OCT 11-28, 2016)

I’m fortunate enough to be the Artist in Residence at NWOSU (Alva).
January 16 – March 6, 2017,