Tomorrow I’m shipping the 3 embroidery pieces for In Residence: Selections from Haystack’s Open Studio Residency – so I’m trying to get them photographed today.

Once these are sent I can focus on some other projects I’ve been putting on hold – like, finally cutting up old panels that take up space in the house, and making fake money (embroideries and coins), and recording a vlog…


Photo: romy owens, 2017

Just the idea of recording myself – what I’m doing in the studio this month – is one of the most terrifying things I can think to do.

So, being naturally over-confident, I’d like to attempt as many flirtations with failure as I can muster this year. And what better way than to add pressure, than the risk of failing publically? Stay tuned for that first (and hopefully, not last) video by the beginning of next month. Cringing so hard already. Like right before you rip wax-strips off. Waxing my ego, folx.


Art Group Crit/Studio Visit coming up (full post coming up July 10)

The lovely Katelynn Knick and Virginia Sitzes, organized a regularly meeting circle called Art Group in OKC. They’ll be coming over to my place for a studio visit, next Sunday. So, I need to get my work in order and out of various states of storage.


I’m really focused on finishing things at the moment. I’ll often start and easily abandon projects, routines, 30-day challenges, (audio)books, etc. Right now the thing that is gong to get done, before I move onto new prospects, is the current sketchbook. I’m just over half-way and feel fairly confident that I can tie up loose ends with this goal.


Like I said at the top of the post – I’M MAKING FAKE MONEY NOW.

I have a pair of imagined banknote fronts that I’m embroidering with sequence and glittery embroidery floss and beads! Gah! I’m pretty psyched at how sparkly it is! It was going to be pretty plain and in only regular DMC embroidery floss, until my mom brought out some old beads and sequence she had in her studio and we squealed at the shininess.

The second part of that series is a couple of giant coins – I’m thinking insulation foam cut-outs with an epoxy clay sculpted over it? It’s a material I’ve been so, so curious about ever since I saw some used by fellow Wassaic Project resident, Gracelee Lawrence. Just click the link to her website – you’re welcome for your new art-crush.

That’s it for updates.

I’ll have a new post out on that studio visit, Tuesday morning!


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