Philip K. Dicks’ novel, The Man In The High Castle, proposed the question: What would have happened if Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were the victors of WWII?
Drawing from this concept of speculative narratives, SHIFT/ALT/DELETE showcases three respective themes under the shared experience of applying for an Identity Document.
Theme 1: Country as Corporation, toys with the idea of hierarchy and commercialization of The American Dream.
Theme2: Africans as Colonizers, imagines a reality where minerally-rich nation states united to rapidly expand, but not without the exploitation and/or allegiances of indigenous peoples of other lands.
Theme 3: These Sovereign States, redraws North Americas’ territorial lines to create new nations, federations, republics and unions.

SHIFT/ALT/DELETE was performed at AHA Festival of Progressive Arts, September 2016, as well as for Current Studio‘s “Crit Night”, October 2016 (moderated by heather ahtone, and Louise Siddons).

License and Registration (2016)

This ongoing series juxtaposes embroidered drivers license photos (government issued image) against corresponding cross-stitched social media profiles (self-mediated image).

Symbiotic (2016)

Symbiotic was designed as an exhibition that highlights the reliance between Art and Community.

Professional artists worked in collaboration with selected students to create works of art that embody the symbiotic relationship of art and community. Works are be exhibited in The Lightwell Gallery at the University of Oklahoma.

Sponsorship provided by Fowler Automotive.

Visa Series (2015)

Visa Series, is a collection of the artists’ visas and IDs from the last eight years, hand embroidered on printed canvas cloth.

Featured in Public Narrative: The Story of Self, Us, Now, CONCEPT/Survey, and VisionMakers.